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Band Saw Upgrade Table and Fence Woodworking Plan

Band Saw Upgrade Table and FenceYou can make your band saw even more versatile by building this large auxiliary table and a precision fence. The table creates a large work surface that's about three times the size of the cast iron table your band saw came with. So you'll have plenty of support when making curved cuts. And you can rip long boards without them tipping off the back edge of the saw.

Click here to take a closer look.The fence provides a quick way to produce a straight accurate cut. And you won't have to fiddle with clamps to lock the fence in place. It rides on a metal rail along the side of the table. And the fence can even be adjusted to account for drift or pull (if any) of your band saw blade.

The fence has a T-shaped slot in the front face that accepts a special Stop and Pivot Block. First, the block can be locked onto the fence to act as a stop block, which comes in really handy if you're cutting tenons, for example. And second, the rounded edge of the L-shaped Stop and Pivot Block can be used as a pivot point when resawing.

This Band Saw Upgrade Table and Fence woodworking plan was originally published in ShopNotes No. 51. It's made of 3/4"-thick MDF or plywood and 1/4" hardboard, with solid hardwood edges.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Band Saw Upgrade Table and Fence woodworking plan is a twelve-page, 2.4-megabyte pdf file. It includes complete, step-by-step instructions, 15 detailed drawings, a materials list, and a four-page technique article on Resawing.

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Band Saw Upgrade Table and Fence Woodworking Plan