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Making Crosscuts Woodworking Technique

Great CrosscutsNothing is more critical to a woodworking project than getting a square, accurate crosscut on the table saw. And nothing suffers more from a poor crosscut than joinery. If you're getting joints and edges that just don't seem to mesh they way they should, look to your table saw blade and miter gauge for the trouble.

In our Secrets to Making Great Crosscuts article, we'll first help you adjust your table saw components so everything is aligned, square and accurate. Then we'll share the techniques we use in our shop to get perfect cuts every time. Plus, we've included some ideas (and plans) for building the crosscut accessories we use in our shop, like an auxiliary fence for added support and a crosscut sled for large panels.
• Checking blade for alignment
• Saving time with a miter gauge setup jig
• Avoiding shift while cutting
• Squaring up large panels
• Crosscutting long pieces
• Build an auxiliary fence

Bonus Plan —Build an Accessory Shelf
An easy-to-build project you can complete in an afternoon! Conveniently holds your rip fence, miter gauge, and adjustment tools—all within easy reach. Plus, the shelf is ideal for adding an optional hood below for dust collection.
Accessory Shelf

Great CrosscutsWHAT YOU GET
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High-detail color photos and diagrams
Step-by-step procedures
Bonus Plan: Build an Accessory Shelf

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Making Crosscuts Woodworking Technique