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Smooth and Clean Rip Cuts Woodworking Technique

Smooth and Clean Rip CutsRipping is such a common task in the shop that most of us assume there's not much to know about cutting the width of a board. But if you've ever ended up with a burned edge or had a workpiece suddenly kick back, you know that clean and safe ripping isn't something you can always take for granted.

In our Smooth and Clean Rip Cuts article, we'll share some of our favorite shop tips for making accurate and safe rip cuts every time. You'll learn how to check the blade and rip fence for square alignment, how to work with cupped or warped stock, and how to cut those troublesome thin strips. Plus, we'll show you the four ripping accessories that no woodworker should be without.
• Adjusting the blade and fence
• Setting the blade height
• Ripping large sheets
• Working with warped stock
• Ripping thin strips
• Ripping an edge for gluing

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Bonus article: Straight, Flat & Square

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Smooth and Clean Rip Cuts Woodworking Technique