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Woodworking Basics: Choosing and Using Glues

Choosing and Using GluesAre you using the best glue for your woodworking projects? Knowing the limitations of adhesives and which projects are best suited for a particular type of glue can make big difference in how well your project goes together—and stays together.

In our Choosing & Using Glues technique article, we'll help you explore the wide variety of adhesives now available for woodworkers, the pros and cons of each, and the best type of glue to use for a specific project. Plus, we've included a glue application chart that lets you compare at a glance the features and benefits of twelve popular adhesives.
• Working with yellow and white glues
• When to use contact cements
• All about outdoor glues
• Working with epoxy
• The new polyurethanes
• Plus: glue application chart

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Choosing and Using Glues Woodworking Technique