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Router Bit Basics
Router Bit BasicsOne of the best ways to explore what you can do with a router is to simply look at the wide variety of router bits available. But with so many to choose from it can be difficult to decide which bits will give you the most for your money.

In our Router Bit Basics article, we'll clear up the confusion with an in-depth look at how bits are designed, what types are available, and which projects are best suited for a particular style bit.

Plus, we're including in the download a complete set of plans for building your own router cabinet and workcenter (see below).
• How bits are constructed
• Understanding carbide
• Why today's bits are safer
• Choosing a starter set
• Specialty cutters
• Where to buy

Router Bit BasicsBonus Plan: Build your own Router Cabinet!
This article includes step-by-step plans for building a router cabinet for your shop. It features a sturdy platform for making bit changes and router adjustments. A cutaway shelf lets you store your router in an upright position without removing the bit!

11-page Downloadable PDF Article
High-detail illustrations and diagrams
Color photos from the shop
Step-by-step plans for building router cabinet.

All for only $5.95
Download Plan to Your Computer
This woodworking plan is a downloadable PDF file that you will save to your computer after you complete your order.

Router Bits Guide and Router Bit Cabinet Woodworking Plan