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Woodworking Technique: Bent Lamination

Bent Lamination photo Bent lamination (thin wood strips, bent, and glued together around a form) is one of the most gratifying techniques in woodworking. It's also one of the messiest, and potentially frustrating. But there are few things in life that give you the sense of satisfaction you'll get as you remove all the dried, excess glue from the bent strips and see your project emerge.

Actually, it's not really all that difficult -- it's just that at times you can feel like a one-armed paper hanger. The best way to avoid a lot of the hassle is to plan ahead and be prepared, and that's what this article will help you do. It includes instructions on choosing and ripping the right wood for the strips, and clamping techniques for simple and compound curves

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Woodworking Technique: Bent Lamination