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Portable Benchtop Saw Station

Benchtop Saw StationThe table saw has become the centerpiece of the modern shop, and rightly so. It's so versatile, reliable, and ... large? Well, that's one of its drawbacks, isn't it?

If you're on a job site, and you need to make a delicate rip cut on a board, you either take your chances with a straightedge and circular saw, or you have to haul the board back to your shop to use the table saw.

What if you could take a table saw with you? There are some great benchtop saws on the market now, and combined with our portable Benchtop Saw Station, you can have all of the benefits of a stationary table saw along with the portability of a benchtop saw.

The Benchtop Saw Station was originally featured in Workbench Volume 55, #1.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Benchtop Saw Station is a six-page, 741K ".pdf" file. It includes complete instructions, over 20 step-by-step detailed drawings and photos, and a materials list.

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Portable Benchtop Saw Station