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Clamping & Assembly

clamping & assembly Just before the glue goes on, I always stop and take a deep breath. Did I miss anything? Am I using the right clamps for this project? How can I be certain everything will go together as planned?

In this Tools & Techniques article, we'll share the secrets we've learned in getting a project ready for a perfect glue up—preparing the surface, applying clamps, and squaring up the pieces.

clamping & assembly We'll cover a variety of clamping scenarios, including large panels and frames, drawers and cabinets, and plywood edging. And as an added bonus, we're including step-by-step plans for building your own clamp storage racks!
Bonus Plan: Clamp Storage  

clamping & assemblyWHAT YOU GET
8-page Downloadable PDF Article
Complete overview of clamping techniques
Color photos and detailed drawings
Step-by-step plans for clamp storage system

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Clamping & Assembly Woodworking Technique