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Guide to Problem-Solving Clamps Woodworking Technique

clamps tools & techniquesAt some point in every woodworking project, there’s at least one assembly that just can’t be done with a common clamp. You've seen specialty clamps advertised, but what kinds of projects are they made for and how are they used?

This guide examines 12 different types of clamps—all designed for special applications in woodworking. We'll show you which clamps to use for which project, how they work, and where to find them.

Includes an inside look at the following types of clamps:
• Edge clamps
•Parallel jaw clamps •Panel clamps
• Miter clamps• Right-angle clamps

clamps tools & techniquesWHAT YOU GET
6-page Downloadable PDF Article
Complete overview of specialty clamps
Photos of clamps in use
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resource guide

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Guide to Problem-Solving Clamps Woodworking Technique