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Sliding Crosscut Box Woodworking Plan

Sliding Crosscut Box Woodworking Jig Plan Face it! The miter gauge that came with your table saw was never intended to be used for cutting wide panels. That's why we designed and built this Sliding Crosscut Box. The workpiece rests on a large platform that slides across your saw table. So it's easy to cut boards up to 24" wide — safely and accurately.

Then we added a couple more features that make the crosscut box so handy you'll use it for all your crosscutting jobs. First, there's an adjustable fence so you can make quick, accurate angled cuts (a simple stop holds the fence at the angle you want). We also added adjustable stops on the main fence and the angled fence so you can crosscut any number of pieces to identical length. And we included "zero clearance" inserts so you don't have to worry about the saw blade causing chipout on the bottom of your workpieces.

We built our sliding crosscut box platform out of plywood. The fences are made of maple. The overall size is 40-1/2" wide x 32-1/4" deep x 6" high. The knobs, bolts, threaded inserts and screws should be readily available at home centers and hardware stores. This project plan appeared in ShopNotes No. 27.

Sliding Crosscut Box Woodworking Jig PlanWHAT YOU GET
6 pages of step-by-step instructions
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Detailed assembly illustrations
Materials and hardware list

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Sliding Crosscut Box Woodworking Plan