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Dado Blade Woodworking Technique

dado blade basics It's easy to understand why woodworkers use dado blades to cut joints. It's a quick way to get perfect fits with just about any type of joinery. But deciding which type of dado blade to buy can be confusing. Wobble dado, V-blade dado, stack dado—how do they work and which type should you buy?

In this Tools & Techniques article, we'll clear up the confusion about dado blades, explaining the different types available, what type of joinery each blade is suited for, and how to set up your table saw for five popular dado cuts (see below). We've also included a step-by-step troubleshooting guide for correcting some of the most common problems you might encounter using dado blades. Don't start another project until you've read this important article!

Includes instructions for cutting these popular types of joinery.
dado blade basics dado blade basics dado blade basics dado blade basics dado blade basics
Basic Dado Rabbet Joint Lap Joint Box Joint Mortise&Tenon

dado blade basicsWHAT YOU GET
5-page Downloadable PDF Article
Complete overview of dado blades
Instructions for cutting five popular joints
Troubleshooting guide

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Dado Blade Woodworking Technique