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Chimney Cupboard Woodworking Plan

Chimney Cupboard Woodworking PlanRaised panels, mortise and tenon joinery, and a beaded backboard make this woodworking plan a beautuful replica of an old chimney cupboard. Fits perfectly in small areas for storage or display and adds charm to any area of your home.
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To make the cupboard easier to move, you'll build the project in two pieces; a lower cabinet and an upper cabinet. The lower cabinet can also be a stand- alone piece of furniture. Plan includes instructions for an optional glass-front door and an old-style wooden door latch.

Overall dimensions: 78" H x 23-1/2" W x 13-3/4" D. This project appeared in Woodsmith magazine No. 116.
Joinery Used
Suggested Power Tools
Mortise & Tenon, Dadoe & Rabbet
Table saw (with dado blade), drill press

What you GetWHAT YOU GET
12 pages of step-by-step instructions
Full-color photos and exploded views
Shop tips & techniques
How-to: Staining Pine
All for only $9.95
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Chimney Cupboard Woodworking Plan