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Drill Press Table Woodworking Plan
Drill Press Table Woodworking PlanMost drill presses come with a table that's not very practical for woodworking. They're too small, and usually don't provide enough options for attaching a fence. Building your own table is the best solution.
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Our drill press table plan provides a large, flat work surface for drilling, a fence that’s easy to adjust, and plenty of attachment options. Plan also features a pull-out storage tray and dust collector attachment.
This woodworking plan appeared in ShopNotes magazine No. 57.
Joinery Used
Suggested Power Tools
Dadoes and Grooves, Half Lap
Table saw (with dado blade)

What you GetWHAT YOU GET
6 pages of step-by-step instructions
Full-color photos and exploded views
Shop tips & techniques
All for only $5.95
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Drill Press Table Woodworking Plan