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Clean-Up Center Woodworking Plan

I’ve built a lot of storage cabinets for tools and hardware, so I always know right where to find them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for my cleaning supplies. To solve this problem I built the heavy-duty cleanup center you see here.

What’s nice is the center has number of handy features. First of all, it hangs on the wall, freeing up valuable bench top and drawer space. Second, there’s enough room to fit a variety of cans, spray bottles, and other cleaning supplies. And, third, there are a couple of customized compartments for a box of shop rags and a roll of paper towels.

But the main reason I made this cabinet is to hold a roll of Kraft paper. I like to use Kraft paper to protect the top of my workbench from glue squeeze out and finish spills. When the paper gets dirty, I simply replace it. Since it’s more economical to buy the Kraft paper in large rolls, I added a hardwood roller and atop-made paper cutter to the cabinet. Now, it’s a snap to tear off any size sheet of paper This woodworking plan appeared in ShopNotes magazine No. 92.

Clean-Up Center Woodworking Plan