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Midi-Lathe Stand Woodworking Plan

Midi-Lathe Stand PlansThe perfect home for your midi-lathe!
We know that midi-lathes often lack the mass to dampen vibration, which can translate into a rough finish on a work-piece.
closer look photo
That's why we designed this stand to be amazingly rigid and strong. First, we used heavy MDF to absorb vibration, and then added super-strong levelers to ensure that the stand stays flat and doesn't wobble. Want even more stability? There's enough space inside the cabinet to stack concrete paver blocks for added weight. And if your lathe has an extension, we included plans for building a matching stand.

Joinery Used
Suggested Power Tools
Butt joints, Shelf-pins
Table Saw, Drill Press

Midi-Lathe Stand Woodworking Plan