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Spraying a Flawless Finish Woodworking Technique
Spray Systems If you've always wanted the brilliant, smooth finish you see on professionally-made furniture, then it's probably time to invest in a spray system. There's really no other way to get the same results at home using a brush.
The good news is that home spray systems are now both affordable and easy to use. And with a little practice, you'll see results that rival the best of the pros.

In our Spraying a Flawless Finish article, you'll explore the different types of home spray systems available, the anatomy of spray guns and how they work, and how to keep a spray gun clog-free for years of trouble-free use. Plus, we'll show you step-by-step how to apply a smooth, professional spray finish on a variety of different projects.
• Comparing the basic systems
• Inside look at a spray gun
• Understanding spray patterns
• Preparing the surface for spray
• Learn the 3-step spray sequence
• Corners & vertical surfaces

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Spraying Flawless Finish Woodworking Technique