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Mobile Planer Station

Mobile Planer StationThickness planers used to be considered a professional tool, found only in commercial workshops. That was before the invention of the portable planer. Now, just about every shop has room to accommodate a planer, which makes it possible to buy cheaper, rough-sawn lumber and plane it yourself. The only problem is that some portable planers aren't very "portable." Even with the built-in handle on some models, 65 lbs. is an awful lot to carry around. Our Mobile Planer Station solves this dilemma by mounting the planer to a truly portable two-wheeled frame. And the extra support on the outfeed side makes planing long boards safer and easier.

The Mobile Planer Station was originally featured in Workbench Volume 54, #3.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Mobile Planer Station is a five-page, 479K ".pdf" file. It has over fifteen step-by-step illustrations, and a materials list.

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Mobile Planer Station