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Gluing up Solid Wood Panels

perfect panel glue-ups It takes more than luck to end up with great-looking solid wood panels. With so many places to go wrong in the glue-up process, it's important to have a proven plan in place before you squeeze out that first bead of glue.

In this exclusive technique article from ShopNotes magazine, we'll take you step by step through the entire process. You'll learn how to avoid most glue-up problems simply by selecting the right boards before you begin the project. Then it's on to squaring the edges, adding splines and biscuits, and positioning the clamps.

We've also included some great troubleshooting tips that will help you be sure everything is flat and square before the final glue-up. This is a perfect companion article to our Blanket Chest plan, also available at PlansNOW.

perfect panel glue-upsWHAT YOU GET
4 pages of step-by-step instructions
Color photos and diagrams
High-quality tool setup illustrations
Helpful troubleshooting guide
All for only $3.95

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Gluing up Solid Wood Panels Woodworking Technique