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Pergola Plan - Build a Sun-Filtering Pergola for your Deck

If you like to relax on an open deck, here's a plan that will keep the sun's heat from chasing you back indoors. Easy-to-build woodworking plan is the perfect solution for making your deck more enjoyable.

This pergola plan is surprisingly simple to build and requires only a few power tools. We've included plenty of tips and techniques to help take the guesswork out of building outdoor deck accessories. This project appeared in Workbench magazine volume 54, No.4.
Suggested power tools: Circular saw, jigsaw, router, hand drill.

7 pages of step-by-step instructions:
Full-color photos and exploded views
Tool setup illustrations
Shop tips and techniques
Design options & ideas
All for only $5.95
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Most decks are long on sun and short on shade. Many jut out from the house with little to ease the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This pergola design creates an ideal blend of shade and light. Building the pergola where the deck meets the house on two sides creates a cool retreat, and it provides welcome relief from the harsh morning sunlight coming through the east-facing master bedroom window.

We built the pergola out of cedar to match the deck railing. The simple construction required only a portable circular saw, router, jig saw, a drill, and a few hand tools. A table saw makes ripping the slats easier, but isn’t essential.

Pergola Plan - Build a Sun-filtering Pergola for your Deck