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Take your woodworking to the next level with our router table and router jig plans. Step-by-step instructions from the editors of Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench magazines—all with shop tips & techniques for improving your woodworking!
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Dado Jig
complete router table plan
ultimate router table plan
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router dado jig plan
Modular Table
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Bit Cabinet
Dovetail Jig
modular router table plan
portable router table plan
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On Table Saw
Go Anywhere Table
Hinge Mortising Jig
table saw router table plan
go anywhere router table plan
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Palm Router Station
On Bench
palm router station plan

Plan Descriptions
Complete Router Table Woodworking Plan
Here's a router table that does it all — dadoes, grooves, rabbets, decorative moldings. Step-by-step plan includes instructions for building the router table and fence.
Ultimate Router Table Woodworking Plan
You can't buy a router table this good. But you can build one. Step-by-step plans include instructions for building a portable table top that can be moved out to the job site.
Router Table on Table Saw Woodworking Plan
Save valuable space in your shop! Step-by-step plan features an MDF router table that attaches to the outside edge your table saw.
Router Table on Bench Woodworking Plan
Space-saving router table easily mounts to your workbench with a face vise or clamps. Step-by-step plan features quick-release toggle clamps that attach router in seconds.
Go-Anywhere Router Table Woodworking Plan
Not every shop has room for a large, stationary router table. That's why we designed this unique router table that clamps to your bench.
Portable Router Station Woodworking Plan
Unique table design mounts on two sawhorses. Set it up, take it down, or take it with you, quickly and easily. Step-by-step plan includes instructions for building router fence.
Router Bit Basics Technique Article and Woodworking Plan
One of the best ways to explore what you can do with a router is to simply look at the wide variety of router bits available. Also includes step-by-step plans for building a router cabinet for your shop.
Five Quick Router Jigs
Five easy-to-build shop jigs that put your router to task cutting large circles, trimming edges flush, cutting mortises, and more.
Dovetail Jig
Now you can cut perfect half-blind dovetails for drawer and box construction using the Woodsmith dovetail jig.
Hinge Mortising Jig
Perfect for making your trim router create quick, clean, and accurate hinge mortises—first time and every time.
Heavy-Duty Adjustable Dado Jig
Perfect dadoes every time! For cutting snug-fitting dadoes exactly where you want them, it's hard to beat this jig.