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Sure-footed Sawhorses Woodworking Plan

Sawhorses PhotoThere are sawhorses and then there are SAWHORSES. What you really want is something hefty, strong, and safe for working on and standing on. But often what you wind up settling for is something (much) less, usually because you want to be able to fold up and store your sawhorses in a small space.

These Sure-footed Sawhorses give you the best of both worlds. Sawhorses just don't get much stronger, safer, and handier (note the shelf) than these Sure-footed Sawhorses. And they knock-down into four pieces--shelf, top plate, and two leg units -- for easy moving and storage.

These woodworking plan were originally published in Workbench, Vol. 53, #4.

CONSTRUCTION: The Sure-footed Sawhorses are 30" high x 38" long x 21" wide. They are constructed of 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 fir along with some 1/8" hardboard. They lock together using bolts and large wing nuts (we offer a kit if you can't find the hardware locally).

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Sure-footed Sawhorse Project Plan is a four-page, 367 kilobyte .pdf file. It includes complete, step-by-step instructions, detailed drawings and photos, and a materials list.

PRICE. The cost to download this plan to your computer is $5.95. If you'd like to do that now, just click on the button below.

Sure-footed Sawhorses Woodworking Plan