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Scandinavian Corner Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Photo of the completed Scandinavian Corner Cabinet built from PlansNOW woodworking plans This Corner Cabinet is reminiscent of cabinets found in rural Scandinavian homes. Because these were utilitarian cabinets, they were often made of the least expensive lumber -- native pine. The joinery was equally simple and straightforward -- butt joints held together with nails.

We followed tradition in our choice of wood, but we "upgraded" the joinery a bit. We also designed the back so the cabinet will fit tightly in a corner, even if the corner isn't exactly 90 degrees.

CONSTRUCTION. We built our cabinet out of clear, quartersawn, 3/4"-thick Ponderosa pine. The overall size of the Scandinavian Corner Cabinet is 21-3/4" wide x 14-1/4" deep x 30-1/4" high.

This project was originally published in Woodsmith No. 53.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Scandinavian Corner Cabinet Project Plan is a eight-page, 918 kilobyte .pdf file. It includes complete, step-by-step instructions, 27 detailed drawings, a materials list, and a cutting diagram.

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Scandinavian Corner Cabinet Woodworking Plan