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Band Saw Tune Up Woodworking Technique

Bandsaw Tool Tune Up Woodworking TechniqueMake your band saw a precision cutting machine! With a few simple tools and a couple hours in the shop, you can have your band saw cutting thin veneers, scroll work, even joinery.

In this Tool Tune-Up article, we'll show you step by step how to improve the performance of your band saw—like setting blade tension and tracking, positioning the guides and thrust bearings, and squaring up the table. This article appeared in ShopNotes magazine No. 76.

Bandsaw Tool Tune Up Woodworking TechniqueWHAT YOU GET
4-page Downloadable PDF Article
How to set wheel balance
How to set blade tension & tracking
How to set guides & thrust bearings
How to square up the table
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Band Saw Tune-Up Woodworking Technique