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9-Step Table Saw Tune Up Guide

Table Saw Tune-Up Disappointed with your table saw? Poor quality cuts, stiff adjustment controls, and more vibration than usual are clear indicators that your table saw may need a tune up.
The good news is that you can put your table saw back in top condition in an afternoon—without any special tools.

In our Table Saw Tune-Up article, we'll take you step by step through each part of the tune up process, paying special attention to adjusting the blade, fence, and miter gauge for perfect cuts every time.
Includes Step-by-Step Instructions for:
• Deep Clean Up
• Perfect Blade Alignment
• Checking for Runout
• Rip Fence Alignment
• Miter Gauge Alignment
• Aligning Motor and Pulleys

Table Saw Tune-Up WHAT YOU GET
6-page Downloadable PDF Article
Step-by-step instructions
High-quality color photos
Intro to high-tech tune-up tools

All for only $3.95

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Table Saw Tune-Up and Woodworking Technique