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Walnut Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Walnut Cabinet Attention to details. That's what sets this walnut cabinet apart, and makes it an heirloom you'll be proud to show. Some of these details are obvious. Others you'd probably miss unless they're pointed out to you.

The cabinet base is a good example. Instead of a plain piece of stock for the cabinet to sit on, there's an ogee profile cut into the front and side pieces. And to strengthen the miter joints used to join the pieces, splines are added at both front corners.

A closer look at the doors reveals the molded stub tenon joint used to hold them together. Typically, molding is added after the door is glued together. But making the molding an integral part of the joint gives you a stronger door. There's more surface area for the glue to hold the door together. And we include a helpful jig for making the molded stub tenon joints.

The plywood panel glued in the door frame is also a little out of the ordinary. Thin plywood comes with only one good face. But what do you do when the inside of a door (like these) will be exposed each time it's opened? The answer is to cover it with veneer. And we show you how to do that in these plans, too.

The standard way to build this cabinet is with one adjustable shelf inside. But we've also included plans for building two additional shelves to turn this cabinet into a wine rack.

The overall dimensions of the Walnut Cabinet are 31-3/4" wide x 13" deep x 36-1/2" high. The project was originally published in Woodsmith No. 101.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Walnut Cabinet project plan is a twelve-page, 1.6-megabyte pdf file. It includes complete, step-by-step instructions, 35 detailed drawings, a materials list and a cutting diagram.

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Walnut Cabinet Woodworking Plan