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Workbench Plan - Build a Mechanic's Bench

Mechanic Workbench Woodworking Project PlanHere's the perfect workbench for really messy jobs like fixing a greasy bicycle chain, sharpening your garden tools, or mixing a can of paint.

Easy to build—simple 2x4's for the legs and frame, and MDF for the sides, back, shelf, and top. You can build the basic bench in a weekend. Add another day or two for the drawers and the storage unit.

We had our metal cover made at a local heating and air conditioning company. Using a special bending tool, they folded the edges of a large piece of sheet metal to fit over the MDF top. This gives you a very tough, durable and easy-to-clean work surface.

The Mechanic's Workbench is 68" wide x 33-3/4" deep x 26-3/4" high. This project was published in ShopNotes magazine No. 46.

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Suggested power tools: Table Saw, Dado Blade, Router, Drill Press.

Mechanic Workbench Woodworking PlanWHAT YOU GET
8 pages of step-by-step instructions
Full-color photos and exploded views
Tool setup illustrations
Complete materials list
Plan for optional bin storage unit
All for only $5.95

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Workbench Plan - Build a Mechanic's Bench